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Pixie return to the market for another year

We are very excited to announce that we will be working with those nice folks at Pixie for another year!

Pixie is a unique rewards app which allows you collect points when you shop with independent retailers. These points can then be used to make purchases across the ever-growing Pixie community of independent shops, cafes, restaurants, salons and hotels in Frome, Bath and beyond.

Pixie is a great way to reward yourself for shopping with your favourite local independents. The app is easy to use, helps you discover new businesses and means you don’t have to worry about queuing at cashpoints on busy market days!

Come and meet the Pixie team on Sunday 7th October, who will be stationed at our TFI stall in Market Place throughout the day. A whole bunch of Frome’s lovely independent retailers accept payments through the app, including AssemblyResidentMoo & TwoPenleigh FarmPalmer Street Bottle and lots more.

We highly recommend downloading the Pixie app in the run up to Sunday 7th October, and if you enter this exclusive code: PIXIE319 you’ll receive 500 points (worth £5) with your first top-up. Hooray!


Images (c) Pixie by Derryn Vranch