1. Pilea Plant Shop

    Pilea Plant Shop

  2. Frome Hardware

    Frome Hardware

  3. Palmer Street Bottle

    Palmer Street Bottle

  4. Assembly


  5. Still Life Gin

    Still Life Gin

  6. Mary Kilvert

    Mary Kilvert

  7. Kobi & Teal

    Kobi & Teal

  8. Frome Hardware

    Frome Hardware

  9. Still Life Gin

    Still Life Gin

Local Businesses

The Frome Independent has as its backdrop Frome’s labyrinth of cobbled and picturesque streets filled with independent retailers, pubs, cafes and restaurants. We are committed to working with the independent business community in Frome and the locality, and are proud that our endeavour supports the town centre’s economic resilience and sustainability.

Our Market Makers scheme was set up to support our core costs and extra curricular activities; we are very grateful to the businesses who have contributed to the scheme and who offer our members discounts and special deals throughout the year.

~ Take a look at the Frome Shops who are part of the Market Maker scheme here

~ If you’re a business and you want to become a Market Maker, please contact us

~ If you’re a visitor and want to become a Market Maker, click here