You can find additional information on Music at The Frome Independent on our Music page.

If you would like to apply to perform on the Market Place Stage please click here

I would like to perform on the Market Place Stage. How do I get in touch

  • Our live music stage is managed by Nomad Live Ltd. Please click the link on the music page to apply to the stage.

Will I get paid for performing

  • We start your busking funds off with a £10 contribution and encourage the audience to show their appreciation in the same way. You can take home all donations made by the public during your set.

I would like to promote my upcoming music or theatre event. Can I do a performance or hand out leaflets at the market

  • Please get in touch with us at to let us know about your idea. We have many individuals and groups contacting us to appear at the market so we need to be able to consider requests and see how they fit into our overall plans for each event.

  • It is a condition of our market licence that we clear litter from the town centre after each market. Discarded flyers make up the vast majority of litter that we have to clear away – and this has a significant impact on our costs as a not-for-profit organisation.

  • If you would like to leaflet at our event please email us at with details of your business/event/organisation and the purpose of the flyer so we can assess whether we will require a contribution towards our cleaning costs. If your organisation or event is not-for-profit and Frome based we will not usually make a charge but request that members of your team go round picking up discarded leaflets at the end of the market.