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Criteria & guidelines


Step 1: Visit The Frome Independent so that you can get a good understanding of what we already offer, and what we are looking for.

Step 2: Complete an online Application to Trade form. Please ensure that you give as much information as possible, referencing the criteria outlined below.

Step 3. Once you have submitted your form, it will be assessed. You will not need to contact us again as we email all applicants, whether successful or otherwise, to notify them of the outcome of their application.  We are a small team, and assessment can take some time during busy periods.

Step 4. If you have been successful we will then notify you as to which upcoming dates we can offer you, or whether you are on the waiting list.

Invoices for your pitch, and your Trader Information Pack (with details of your pitch location, parking and set-up time) will be sent to you approximately 10 days before each market date.

Please note that….

  • Submitting this form does not automatically guarantee you a place at the market.
  • All traders – new or existing – MUST reapply for each new calendar year. We start each new year afresh with a new trader list and reserves list.
  • A successful application in a previous calendar year does not automatically guarantee a pitch in subsequent years.
  • We receive many more applications for each market than we have pitches available. Unfortunately we are not able to offer pitches to every trader who meets our criteria.
  • We encourage you to give as much information in your application as possible, with reference to the criteria (outlined below) in order to help us make our selection. Please give as much information in your form as possible. Images of previous market stalls / exhibitions along with images of your current stock are essential.
  • Applicants under the age of 16 must have the consent of an adult before completing the application form and, when trading, must be accompanied by an adult on market day.
  • You should leave plenty of time to apply for a specific market date. We have hundreds of applications each season and book markets up to 3 months in advance. We cannot guarantee that applications submitted less that two weeks before a market date will be assessed in time.



Please see below for the different areas of the market, and our criteria for those wishing to trade.

Food and Drink

We are looking for those who…

  • Hand-produce their dishes / products
  • Use local, seasonal, ethical and fairtrade ingredients
  • Demonstrate strong ethics with regard to sustainability, the environment and animal welfare
  • Use recyclable or biodegradable packaging, cutlery and containers
  • Offer new, interesting and innovative produce or cuisines
  • Offer an interesting, eye-catching display of their products
  • Are based in the West Country

Please note: Due to licensing, traders wishing to sell alcohol must get in touch with us at admin@thefromeindependent.org.uk before submitting an application.


We are looking for traders who:

  • Offer products made with skilful, innovative design
  • Are knowledgeable, passionate and skilful craftspeople
  • Deliver an interesting and eye-catching display
  • Adhere to environmental and ethical principles
  • Use recyclable, biodegradable or recycled packaging and customer bags

Please note: the Designer/Maker section is always our most heavily oversubscribed area of the market and competition for pitches in this section is very high.

Flea traders

We are looking for flea traders who:

  • Deal in high quality vintage clothing, collectables, homewares or furniture
  • Have a passion for and knowledge of vintage, mid-century objects or antiques
  • Can offer an attractive display of their goods
  • Can offer affordable and interesting items
  • Use recyclable, biodegradable or recycled packaging and customer bags

Please note: we look for traders who deal in genuine vintage or antique items. Reproductions or new ‘retro’ goods will not be accepted.

Homes & Garden

We are looking for traders who offer homewares, furniture and plants who:

  • Sell homewares, furniture and gardenalia that is handmade in the UK or is high-quality reclaimed/vintage items
  • Sell plants, cut flowers and foliage that are grown locally and sustainably
  • Offer affordable and interesting items
  • Offer an attractive display of their goods
  • Use recyclable, biodegradable or recycled packaging and customer bags

Suitcase sale

The suitcase sale is a diminutive market – just in a suitcase! If you are new to trading, or just starting out, you may wish to consider a Suitcase pitch as this is a great way to try out the market.

The Suitcase sale is a mix of traders who would usually fit into any of the above criteria, so please reference the section you feel most applies to you when making an application to trade in the suitcase sale.


We look at all applications on an individual basis, but do not consider those from traders wishing to sell mass-produced or bulk-imported items.

If you have any questions regarding our application process or criteria, please email us at admin@thefromeindependent.org.uk



There are different zones at market events, each catering for different traders with different products and needs.

Pitches are awarded according to quality of product, and to ensure an even range of product type throughout the market.

Exact pitch locations are determined by the Market Team according to a number of factors. It is not possible for traders to occupy one pitch permanently or to request exclusivity but regular traders can request to be kept within the same zone at each market.

Suitcase sale

Pitches are MAXIMUM 1m x 1m and include a table measuring approx 80cm square. Traders may bring their own garden parasol or similar (no more than 1m wide) if they require cover – this cover must be easily collapsible and removable. Gazebos are not permitted.


A pitch is UNDER OUR COVER and can accommodate a 2m x 1m trestle table.

Food Producer

A pitch is UNDER OUR COVER and can accommodate a 2m x 1m trestle table.

Drink Producer (including alcohol off-sales)

A pitch is UNDER OUR COVER and can accommodate a 2m x 1m trestle table.

Flea market

A pitch is approx 3m x 4.3m. This is an open-air market so traders should bring their own gazebo if they require cover for their stall.

Homes & Gardens 

A pitch is approx 3m wide x 4.3m from front to back. This is an open-air market so traders should bring their own gazebo if they require cover for their stall.

Drinks (coffee vans, alcohol on-sales)

Pitches are approx 3m x 3m. Please note that we do not allow generators on site and there is a limited supply of electric available – please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Street Food

Pitches are 3m x 3m and you MUST bring your own gazebo cover. Please note that we do not allow generators on site and there is a limited supply of electric available – please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.


All Suitcase pitches come with a table included in the pitch fee.

Tables are available to HIRE within the Designer/Maker section only for £5. Please indicate on your application form if you would like to hire one. Traders are welcome to bring their own table as long as it fits within the allocated pitch size (see above for pitch sizes).

Pitch prices 2020

Suitcase sale under 26 year old (1m pitch, no cover): £15

Suitcase sale (1m pitch, no cover): £20

Designer/maker (approx 2m x 1.5m, under our cover): £50

Food Producer (approx 2m x 1.5m, under our cover): £50

Flea market (approx 3m x 4.3m, no cover): £52.50

Homes & Gardens (approx 3m x 4.3m, no cover): £52.50

Drink Producer – inc. alcohol off-sales (approx 2m x 1.5m, under our cover): £55

Drinks – coffee vans, alcohol on-sales (approx 3m x 3m): £70

Street Food (3m x 3m, must bring own cover): £150

We reserve the right to amend pitch fees with 4 weeks notice of any market date.


Table hire: £5 (Designer/Maker traders only. Suitcase sale traders will get a table with their pitch)

Electricity supply: £10 (only available to food and drink traders with permission of the Market Team)

Insurance Cover: £5 (for Suitcase and first-time traders ONLY)


  • All traders must carry up to date Public Liability insurance of at least £5 million. We are able to offer a limited number of first-time traders coverage under our insurance policy for a fee of £5 per trader per market. Note that this cover is for Public Liability ONLY and will not provide insurance for your stock or any staff you may employ. Please indicate in your application if you wish to be covered by our insurance.
  • Food producers / traders must ensure that they meet our requirements regarding health and safety and food hygiene. Please read the relevant section on the Terms and Conditions. The market appoints an independent health and safety consultant who visits each event to ensure that traders are operating safely.
  • All traders must thoroughly read, agree and adhere to the Terms and Conditions regarding conduct and regulations at the market. Failure to do so will result in individuals not being invited to trade. These are available to view at any time via our website and on the application form.


All traders must offer a discount to customers who are signed up to our Market Maker club. More information about this is available on our Rewards page and on our Terms and Conditions (item 8)