TRADER PROFILE-Anna Brindle aka Lost Shapes

Anna has been trading as Lost Shapes at The Frome Independent since it launched in 2013. With a degree in 3D design crafts, followed by a varied career, Anna took the opportunity of her youngest child starting school to get back into designing and making.

Anna makes use of ‘old school’ techniques and combines them with a future-facing ethos. Anna set up Lost Shapes gradually, launching 3 and half years ago to friends and slowly building from there. She prints using the simple cut out stencil techniques learnt in art lessons at Frome College, preferring the strong shapes, imperfect lines and retro feel, and ensuring that everything about the process is hand made.

Ethics have always been the other driving force in Lost Shapes. Anna is a passionate campaigner for fair treatment for clothing workers. She sources only from Fair Wear certified factories, and all garments are made from organic cotton, recycled polyester or environmentally friendly tencel and modal. She uses high quality non-pollutant inks for printing, and all packaging is recycled and recyclable too.

“The Frome Independent is such a great place to sell that I rarely bother with others! The customers really appreciate original products, understand why you might pay just a little more to ensure the ethics are right, and are actively looking for clothing that has a little more depth than the high street. I love the fact that every market I’ll have loyal customers coming back for more – often wearing a previous Lost Shapes purchase – and also get the opportunity to sell to loads of new customers. I simply couldn’t have developed Lost Shapes as I have without it.”

Find Anna in our Designer Maker section outside The George on August 7th or visit her website here.

If you fancy having a go at printing Anna runs screen printing sessions at The Makery in Bath. Or follow Anna on Twitter or Instagram.