1. Bath Culture House Vegan Pink Peppercorn Chease

    Bath Culture House Vegan Pink Peppercorn Chease

  2. Bath Culture House Vegan Chease Selection

    Bath Culture House Vegan Chease Selection

  3. Bath Culture House Vegan Chease Selection

    Bath Culture House Vegan Chease Selection

  4. Bath Culture House Kimchi

    Bath Culture House Kimchi

  5. Team Bath Culture House

    Team Bath Culture House

  6. Bath Culture House Kombucha

    Bath Culture House Kombucha

Trader Profile-Bath Culture House

We are big fans of fermented food here at The Frome Independent, and as the days become chillier our thoughts turn to keeping our immune systems AND our tastebuds happy. We caught up with Lucie from Bath Culture House to find out more about the origins of her plant based fermented food business – the Vegan Chease will convert any diehard dairy lovers!

Tell us a bit about you and your business…

Myself – I’m a self confessed fermentation nerd and kimchi addict. The Business – We are a female strong plant based fermented food and drink company based in The Mendips, Ubley.

Where do you get your inspiration – what motivates you to do what you do? 

I love food, science and microbes. I’m an ex-cheesemaker, food technologist and biologist and absolutely LOVE fermentation. Health is incredibly important to me and people. Bath Culture House incorporates all of these things. When I became plant-based I wanted to use my cheesemaking skills to develop a natural, artisan and tasty vegan cheese that wasn’t made from oils.

Why did you choose to come and trade at The Frome Independent?

When I moved to Frome I fell in love with the market. I’d moved back to Somerset after living in Cornwall for 10 years making cheese and was blown away by how Frome had changed. The community spirit was so strong and proud. When I set up Bath Culture House I dreamed of trading at this wonderful market. So I applied… 🙂

What do you like most about market trading?

The people I meet every month. Making friends with customers and traders. Community spirit!

Tell us about your own favourite or best-selling product. How much work goes into creating it, why do you think this is your strongest product?

Kimchi. We love it here. I absolutely love creating new seasonal recipes using UK ingredients such as Brussels sprouts, kale and broccoli. Supporting local growers such as The Community Farm and Farringtons. I believe that when you are passionate about a product, all the love you and your team put into making it helps make it taste even better.

What is your favourite Frome shop, or stall to visit at The Frome Independent?

The Shop Next Door, Jon and his team have supported me right from the beginning and I will always be grateful.

And finally, some quick fire questions…

Favourite book?

The Alchemist

Describe your dream day off

Paddle boarding around The Isles of Scilly…

What are you listening to right now?

All of BrenĂ© Brown’s audiobooks!

What’s your typical daily routine?

I always start the day with a coffee, before loading our van with ferments and heading down to the South West.


Thank you Lucie! Bath Culture House will be on Stony Street on Sunday 2nd October – we urge you to seek them out – your gut will thank you for it…