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    Kimono My House

Trader Profile-Kimono My House

We had one of those “YESSS!” moments when Kimono My House’s application dropped into our inbox; unisex kimonos in gorgeous, earthy colours that come in different fabric weights, depending on how and where you fancy wearing them – the only problem is choosing which one to go for! Check out our chat with founder, Olivia…

Tell us a bit about you and your business!

I started Kimono My House from my home in Devon in the year of 2020. After years of working as a production manager in luxury fashion, I used my experience to develop a small range of kimono inspired jackets, for the garden, studio and house. Each kimono style is designed with unique features and made with durability in mind. All the kimonos are sustainably made from either 100% organic cotton or from dead-stock fabrics that would otherwise go to landfill.

Every kimono comes with a sashiko repair kit ensuring each one can be cared for and can last for years to come. I’ve designed these kimonos to be well worn, looked after, handed down and loved, whether it is worn in the garden, studio or house. As with everything we should be considerate when purchasing clothes, so the Kimono My House mantra is – Choose Well, Buy Less.

Where do you get your inspiration – what motivates you to do what you do?

I’m inspired by vintage workwear, Japanese design and I go to nature for my colour palettes. I get inspired to run my business by talking to other incredible small brands that are making beautiful things with the planet in mind.

And what’s the inspiration behind your brand’s name?

It was the kimono connecting point between myself and my accountant, Rob. In our first conversation together, I asked him what he knew about kimonos, he responded saying the only thing he knew was the album, Kimono My House, by Sparks. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted the brand to be called at that stage so I went with it and it stuck. I love the unintentional collaborative effort of this moment!

Why did you choose to come and trade at The Frome Independent?

I didn’t know Frome very well before doing the market but always wanted to check it out, and now I have the excuse to on a monthly basis!

What do you like most about market trading?

I love market trading, the most important thing is to meet the people that buy your products. I get to see my kimonos being tried on by all sorts of people and whether they end up buying one or not there is always a lovely chat to be had.

Tell us about your own favourite or best-selling product. How much work goes into creating it, why do you think this is your strongest product?

The Garden Kimono is probably the most popular style and the style I wear the most. I’m really excited to show my new ‘made in the UK’ collection at the next market. I have The Garden Kimono made in really lovely dead-stock fabrics that I’ve rummaged for hours to find, its really rewarding to see them finally made into gorgeous kimonos.

What is your favourite Frome shop, or stall to visit at The Frome Independent?

Probably Grate Somerset, the toastie stand the most as that’s what helps me through a long day at the market! There are so many awesome people there though – to select a couple: I love Twofold Print for Phoebe’s cool graphic prints and Laura Holden for her gorgeous cushions.

And finally, some quick fire questions….

Favourite book?
Favourite Book is tricky as I usually only read something once, although I suppose I have returned to Catcher In the Rye a few times over the years.

Describe your dream day off.
Dream day would change with my mood however a sea dip would have to be involved (whatever the weather and without a wetsuit generally!), always good food and good wine!

What are you listening to right now?
I listen to mostly podcasts when I’m working/walking. Its a bit niche but I’ve listened to Elis James and John Robins’ podcast every week for about 6 years!

What are you cooking / eating / drinking at the moment?
Cooking a lot of wintery stews to use up the squash and courgette in the garden – I love this time of year when the nights draw in and you feel like eating hearty warming foods.

Thank you Olivia! Head into Market Place on Sunday 4th December where you’ll find Kimono My House nestled amongst the other excellent Designer Makers!