Trader Profile-Louise Bees

Frome’s Louise Howell tells us about her business, ‘Louise Bees’, her passion for beekeeping and her delicious West Country honey.

Tell us a bit about yourself and Louise Bees

I first became a beekeeper in 2015. I was looking for a way to do something positive for the environment and as pollinators are in decline, keeping honeybees seemed like a good start.

Why beekeeping? 

It quickly turned into an obsession and I really enjoy teaching people about beekeeping, encouraging the setting up of new colonies and managing hives.

Tell us about your honey. (Do you have a favourite?)

I sell my honey and that of my local beekeeper friends. I don’t blend or pasteurise the honey so all the natural goodness the bees put in stays in.

Everyone finds a favourite and are surprised by the variation in taste between them, that’s why I encourage people to taste them all.

I try to create different ways to enjoy honey – Smoked Honey (great for drizzling over salads or bubbling hot pizzas), and Honeygar (an old fashioned remedy for arthritis that’s great as a salad dressing).This year I’m thinking about ferments….

What do you like about market trading?

I love doing the market. I can encourage people to plant for pollinators, to taste and eat locally produced honey and best of all, chat about bees all day long!


Find Louise Bees and taste some delicious West Country honey at the top of Stony Street at The Frome Independent on Sunday 6th August 10am-3pm