Trader Profile-Paly Glass

Our trader of the month is maker Nikki James from Paly Glass. Nikki is a glass artist and maker of geometic terrariums and frames which have been a big hit at The Frome Independent since she began trading with us in the Suitcase Sale just over a year ago.

We caught up with Nikki for a chat all about market trading…

Tell us a bit about your work and what you do…
I have always been obsessed with glass especially stained glass, terrariums and windows. After finding the most amazing vintage glass terrarium at a car boot I knew I had to find out how to make my own. I studied stained glass at Orchard Studios in Bristol where I was taught the copper foiling method, and since then I have not stopped designing and making.

Paly Glass launched online in March 2016.  Everything is handmade by me in my home studio in the South West of England. Every piece is hand cut and hand assembled by grinding, shaping, copper foiling and soldering each and every element.

Why did you choose to come and trade at the Frome Independent?
When I first visited The Frome Independent I knew straight away that I wanted to trade there myself and be a part of it. My first Frome Independent was only the second market I had ever done, so I learnt a great deal!

What are the benefits to selling directly to the public at markets?
Selling directly at markets is a really important part of running my business. I absolutely love meeting my customers. I get to meet so many different people at The Frome Independent, including the lovely traders and everyone loves to have a chat. Meeting customers is also a great opportunity to gain some feedback about my glass, to find out what people like and maybe what they don’t like!

Tell us about your best-selling product and the work that goes into creating it.
My best sellers are definitely my pressed flower frames. Each flower, leaf or fern is hand pressed by me and then framed in glass to be preserved forever. Everything is handmade by me, from the design on paper to cutting the glass, placing the flowers very delicately in-between the glass, right through to the end of the process, which is soldering the edges.

What is your favourite stall at The Frome Independent?
Oh that’s a tough one! My favourite part of the market is the flea market. My home is filled with vintage furniture and trinkets so I love to wander around all the old things and try and find some treasure.

Thanks Nikki!

You can find Paly Glass in The Bridge Suitcase Sale on market days, or check out her work on Etsy if you can’t wait that long!