Non-trader FAQs

We are a national charity and wish to have a stand at The Frome Independent

  • Whilst we are supportive of work done by charities to raise their profile and fundraise we intend to only provide a platform to organisations that are local and/or specific to Frome. Space within the market area is at a premium and we have to carefully consider all requests for charity pitches.

We are a local charity and wish to raise awareness or fundraise at the market

We are a commercial business or local authority and wish to have a stand at The Frome Independent for promotion or recruitment or survey or sales purposes

  • All areas of the market are designated for our traders. We do not give space to private companies or public organisations to promote or advertise themselves or canvas the public – the market is solely for local food producers, designer/makers and flea traders to sell their wares.

As a commercial business wishing to promote ourselves. could we set up a stand in an area away from market stalls

  • Mendip District Council have granted The Frome Independent the licence to hold a market throughout the whole of Frome town centre which includes the car parks. Anyone setting up a stall (or similar) on the day will be asked to leave by our stewarding and security team as they will be deemed to be trading without our permission and therefore illegally.

May we come to the market to hand out leaflets about our business or organisation or event

  • We are keen that the market is seen as a purely social event for visitors and we do not encourage organisations to treat it as an advertising opportunity. However we realise that our hard work and effort in producing the market has resulted in high visitor numbers and that organisations will wish to take advantage of that.
  • It is a condition of our market licence that we clear litter from the town centre after each market. Discarded flyers make up the vast majority of litter that we have to clear away – and this has a significant impact on our costs as a not-for-profit organisation.
  • If you would like to leaflet at our event please email us at with details of your business/event/organisation and the purpose of the flyer so we can assess whether we will require a contribution towards our cleaning costs. If your organisation or event is not-for-profit and Frome based we will not usually make a charge but request that members of your team go round picking up discarded leaflets at the end of the market.