Reclaim your Mojo at Frome-On-Sea

We are so excited to be working with Frome street theatre company Rare Species this summer!

At Christmas 2016 they brought some royal merriment to market, helping us raise over £3000 for Fair Frome in a single day. This summer they are back with more weird and wonderful characters and site-specific performances throughout Frome, including a walking tour with a pair of eccentric local historians and a series of workouts with an energetic, body positive aerobics instructor – Cheryl – who is taking Frome residents back to the 1980s and showing them how to truly love themselves with her “Mojo Moves”.

Here’s what “Cheryl” says about her unique blend of cardio and comedy:

“Looking for an exercise class with a difference?
Mojo Moves is a workout like a great night out with music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.Find your USP (Unique Sassy Pizzazz) – there’s no such thing as a wrong move, you’re just bringing your own flavour and it tastes good!See your bingo wings take flight, your muffin tops melt away and work your pelvic floor on the dance floor. Stretch your inner diva and reclaim your mojo back from the universe!”

Cheryl will be leading us all in a Mojo Moves beach body workout SPECIAL (one that’s suitable for every type of body) at Frome-On-Sea on Sunday 5th August from 11am.

Join Cheryl at the beach at 11am for this FREE session, and if you want to get your moves in good working order before then, you can find her classes at the HUBnub Centre and St Mary’s Parish Hall in Frome, as well as in Widcombe, Trowbridge and Bath. Check out their Facebook page for full details.